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The cast-in looks great. I'm in a similar homework boat as you are. I just don't think there is enough time! Good luck!

What a cool cast on. Maybe I should buy the DVD after all. I have done it another way, but this looks faster and easier.


That cast-on looks great. It lays nicely and lets the rib morph into the cables so smoothly.

I think I'll start a collection of cast-ons and cast-offs since I've seen so many good ones lately.

I love this cast-on, both for 1x1 and 2x2 ribbing. Question: what kind of waste yarn did you use? It looks nice and slippery. In class, I usually give people mercerized cotton but your yarn looks like it could be even better.

Also wanted you to know that I found out about your very cool hard-sided tackle box/knitting tools storage box via Sarah Hauschka. My box was a HUGE hit both at Madrona and at Stitches West - people seemed to care about the box almost as much as about class content! Thank you for sharing.

Where will I find the DVD? Thanks.

I really like that cast-on and the way it looks on your knitted piece.

Cool new banner, Melinda!

Since I am abandoning everything I learned about knitting and am starting over, learning to knit right-handed, I can't begin to wrap my head around your invisible cast-on. As always, it looks beautifully executed. You are an exquisite technician.

Martha - the DVD is available via Jean's website www.knittingwithJean.com

Susanna - It is a nifty little box.

The waste yarn came from Jean. That's what they use in Japan. Unfortunately we haven't found a source for that exact kind of string. I also use nylon cording that I found a Pacific Fabrics but it's not as flexible.

Gail - you're switching? Wow!

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