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Your Kauni cardigan is beautiful!
I'm also working on one, using 2 different
colorways (green/blue and pink/purple).
It will be awhile until I catch up to you.
Thanks for posting all of your helpful info.
I will probably be referring back to it later.

perfectly wonderful - I'm still afraid to show mine off on my body - I did take some pix of it on my daughter but it literally swallowed her!

I'm about to start another one in rust and green (both Kauni effektgarn, BTW).

thanks for all of your detailed work - you're much much better at that part of things than I -

happy weekend,

Thanks to you, there seems to be a shortage of Kauni ;-) They're flying off the shelves at both Astrid's and Janette's!

It's gorgeous! Next button band, I'll try it your way.

It's great! And very tempting...

That is gorgeous! A work of art. Wow!

Yes! I love the photos, as usual.

Makes we want to pick "Ruth's Kauni Cardi" back up again. If I recall I'm at the point of picking up the sleeves but you know how I hate picking up stitches!

Good thing I got Kauni before Stephanie got wind of this project! Now its even hotter than before!

Your version is fabulous! An example of technically precise knitting!

Do you have a photo of hit on the wooly board? I bet it looked beautiful on that also - but seeing it on you is the best.

Take care.

simply stunning. and so beautifully knit!

I absolutely love this sweater and you look beautiful in it!

That is stunning. It is more beautiful than I imagined. I think the colors look great!

GREAT JOB! The cardigan looks terrific and I love those buttons! Congrats! Next project...............


Beautiful - just gorgeous!

Kauni is stunning. Beautiful job.

Fabulous work! And nice job on the button holes. I am currently 2/3 done on the last sleeve--and appreciate your tips on button holes. Great pics!

Beautiful ! As usual your knitting and note taking are meticulous. Inspirational.

Wow. Just wow. That is gorgeous.


Beautiful cardigan! It appears it was worth worth the heartache to get it done.

Thanks for documenting your journey with this wonderful sweater! It looks fabulous on you.

The finished sweater looks like it was worth every bit of work. It is lovely.

I am trying to get my Kauni started, but my gauge is closer to standard fair isle -- on a US 5 no less!! What was your gauge? The size and colorway look great on you.

It's wonderful! Just wonderful!

melinda, your kauni sweater is a knockout!
your attention to detail is inspiring :-)

Your sweater is beautiful, and it looks wonderful on.

I've been fussing with buttonholes also, and I tried vertical buttonholes in a vertically ribbed band from the instructions in Katharine Buss's book. I was disapointed because they were so thick. And so I'm back to one-row buttonholes also. But I'm going to try to use silk buttonhole twist thread around the edges to make them thinner and firmer. I keep thinking that there's got to be a better way to make a buttonhole that matches the other careful finishing you can do when assembling a cardigan.

Just beautiful. I want one now, too!

Unbelievable! What a wonderful job you did. I'd never have the patience to complete such a complex project. Congrats!

Thanks for all the comments. It's a fun sweater. I highly recommend it. Really it's got to be one of the easiest Fair Isle type sweaters.

Naomi, I didn't get a picture of it on the woolly board. Sorry.

Margaret, Can't wait to see what it looks like in another color way.

lv2knit, I was able to get close to the gauge with 3.5mm needles. Naomi on the other hand is using needles two sizes larger.

Melinda, I found this link for a different style buttonhole (www.lanagrossa.com/service/stricktipps/stricktipp_knopfloecher.html) and I tried it out and posted photos of my sample. I think I like it better than the one-row buttonhole that you used--and that I've used on other cardigans.

I have been so inspired by your kauni cardigan that I have visited your blog several times without leaving any comments, which is something I don't like to do really. But sometimes I just come back to gaze at the beauty of your handiwork!! You are really gifted, and once I found out the pattern was free I just had to order some kauni yarn and jump on the band wagon too! I can't believe how beautiful your kauni turned out, I hope mine will too. I'm going to refer to your blog for advice when I need it, because you keep such wonderful notes on your progress. Thanks for taking us along on your knitting journey!

LoVE iT!!!

Just **love** it!
Thanks for your wonderful posts. I've throughly enjoyed watching as you knit this!

Your Kauni cardigan came out gorgeously. And Kudos to you for beating everyone to the punch on that growing trend! I think I've seen it on at least four blogs now! Yours is the first FO I've seen though. Fabulous.

It is fantastic to see the cardigan - special at you. Thank you for knitting it and for your enthusiasm.

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