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I've bought sock yarn from Astrid's Dutch Obsessions (I'm in the UK) and she's very helpful and fast, a lovely person to deal with.

Wow-za! The spinning looks great! Maybe TMK got you inspired!

The Kauni-Ruth's Cardi is looking fab. I can't wait to see it tonight!!!

I keep hoping your patience and attention to detail will rub off on me! I'm detail oriented(goes with programming, huh?) but you are DETAIL ORIENTED!!!! I'm always intrigued and I learn so much from you.

Thank you!

i cannot wait to see your sweater at madrona!!!!!!!!!!!

looking good, looking good! I did NOT do any zig-zagging or anything on my steeks (never have) and they are nicely stuck together ... I don't own a sewing machine, so that's probably the real reason -
once we're all done, we should somehow get ourselves together for a Kaunival!

I cannot *wait* to see this finished! The color is superb! Amazing! Yum. :)

Melinda, you are knitting like a house afire! My Kauni hasn't arrived yet, but I know that I will have great success with the help from your blog. You are so kind to share all the gorey details! Knit on!

I love the Kauni Cardigan and am waiting to order my yarn (slight back order) -- how are you doing with yarn amount? I know each skein is about 1200 yds -- is that ample? I am tall and not the smallest cherub in the choir (48" size for cardi). Do you think 2 skeins is enough?? Thanks!

I live in England and regularly buy yarn from Astrid's Dutch Obsessions. She is always helpful and orders arrive very quickly; you can order from her without any worries at all.

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