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Your hat is gorgeous--it complements your complexion beautifully. Which colorway did you use?

A fabulous hat !
You're so pretty. Especially in that hat. ;-]

Wow the Noro was the perfect yarn choice - I don't blame you for not being able to put it down - that's how I was about the Noro entrelac scarf I made. And the colorway looks perfect with your smokering. So so pretty!


I've been wearing it all day. I was worried the yarn might be a bit itchy but so far it seems to be ok.

The color is 148, lot A.

What a fantastic hat! You look adorable.

Gorgeous hat! Where did you get the pattern?

I'm with amy!. I'd love to buy that pattern. I checked the website, but only see the DVD. Ideas?

I saw the hat when Jean came to the Seattle area to teach at Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat and asked about buying a pattern for it. She just finished it last week and I think I might have been the first one to buy it.

I would suggest sending her a email at jean@knittingwithjean.com

She's just starting to sell her patterns so I'm not sure if or when she'll post them on her website.

It's absolutely beautiful! I love Noro. I'm putting this on my To-Knit list. :)

This is a gorgeous hat? Where can I get the pattern? Thank you

She now has the pattern available for $10 (and free shipping in the US) on the website. It's one of her bestsellers--not surprising!

I love this post because: (a) I now have a cute new hat pattern to get, and (b) I now have instructions on how to do a garter stitch graft, which is what brought me here in the first place.

I'm also envious that you own a copy of Principles of Knitting. It comes highly recommended but is out of print, and can only be found in the library or on ebay for outrageous prices.

ahhh, grafting. It always feels like magic when it comes out right. Thanks for the instructions!

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