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I found that book at my library and loved it. When I found it available to purchase, I did! It's a gem. I've only spent a high price on one other knitting book, Aran Knitting. It's nice that some of the treasuries are being re-printed, but the history in this one is invaluable. It would be fun to re-create a version of the sampler.

One of my favorite books!

It really looks a great book to go through, but oh my the price is terribly high maybe santa can buy it for me next year hihihihi

I wanted to try knitting lace, but I ran into some trouble. I cast on the number of stitches i needed, but since a k2tog and ssk involve 2 stitches, I ran out of stitches and couldn't finish my project, since now my dimensions and design were thrown off. Can somebody help me with this.

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