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Umm, that Japanese book in the photo is "Small European Knitted Items." Google's mistranslation is much funnier, though...

hey do you think i'd be able knit from any of these book with no japanese knowledge?
i love the designs and quirkiness you see in their patterns - idea of knitting them is exciting .... but is it unrealistic??

Thanks for the translation Naomi. I was wondering what the correct translation would be.

Em, I think it's possible to knit from the patterns without knowing the Japanese, if you're an experienced knitter. All the patterns that I've seen are done in charts so if you understand the knitting symbols on the chart, then you'll have no problem.

When I purchased this book I also picked up another that lists tons of knitting symbols and diagrams showing what they mean. Hopefully this will help in the future.

To date, I haven't tried to knit anything from this book (or any other Japanese book) but I will be attempting to make one of the mitten soon. I plan on refering to other knitting books (in English) that describe how to make mittens.

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