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How do you do this kind of cast on with dp needles.


Checkout this article that Wendy from www.wendyknits.net wrote for Knitty.


How do you learn magic loop cast on? Or how do you learn how to do magic loop online? Please help!!!

I did a google search and came up with the following website that shows how to knit the magic loop.


Can you please explain how you do this: "yanking on the stitches one at a time to move the slack from one stitch to the next until I reach the tail". I'm having trouble tightening my stitches after a few rows are done. Thanks

Hi Brenda,

Just saw your comment today.

This is kind of difficult to describe but I'll try.

While the knit side is showing, I start the process by finding the stitch on the first row that is farthest from the yarn end. I then use a knitting needle to pull the right side (or leg) of the first knit stitch until the other side (or leg) is snug. I then go to the next stitch and put on it's left leg which will transfer the bit of slack created when I pulled on the first stitch. Then, I go to the other side of the stitch and tug on it until it's much bigger than it use to be. I continue doing this on each stitch until I reach the stitch near the tail. At this point the last stitch will have one leg that's pretty big. I get rid of this by pulling on the tail and all that extra slack is gone.

Thank you for posting this! This was the clearest explanation I was able to find for doing this on Magic Loop.

I love doing the figure of 8 cast on but i was wondering if someone knows the rule of how many stitches to cast on for fingering weight yarn?

Hello dot,

It depends on what size you are going to make.

Thanks, I am going to try this on my trip to France.

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