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Ab-fab socks. I like the way that the cable runs down the front, but I especially love that Picot edging on the top. Would you please (oh pretty please) tell us how to get that edging? Hmmm, could be a great addition to the Techniques section....

Samina, sure I can add it to my techniques but probably can't do it until this weekend.

Last weekend I checked out "The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns" by Ann Budd from the library and noticed that she describes how to do this.

The picot edge is really easy. Here's a quick description. Just be sure you do it on an even number of stitches.

1. Do a provisional cast on. I do this by making a crochet chain and then picking up stitches around the chain.

2. Knit a few rows.

3. Work a row of *knit two together, yarn over; repeat from *.

4. Knit a few more rows of knit stitches (equal to the number of rows you did in step 2).

5. Fold the cast on edge toward the purl side and knit each stitch on the needle with a stitch from the provisional cast on.

Ann Budd's book mentions that it's a good idea to knit this edge with a needle one size smaller than the one used for the rest of the sock. I didn't do that with these socks but probably should have.


I have the picture done and will post the directions soon.

I've made eight pairs of socks and up until have not been able to master the perfect Kitchener Stitch. Thanks for your excellent photos and clear directions. I was following the instructions from the same Ann Budd book, but your instructions were slightly different. It was a Eureka! moment. It was driving me crazy - not knowing why I couldn't get my Kitchener stitch to look perfect. I'll never look back again.

I have the books, I've tried to read and follow kitchener stitch before without much success. I just did it following your simple and easy pictorial. Thank you!

Bliss & Leah,

I'm glad that I could help out. Kitchener is one of those knitting skills that once mastered, make you feel like you can do anything.

Gorgeous Socks and fantastic Kitchener stitch instructions. I am a beginner knitter, trying to teach myself and I have been trawling the web for instructions I can follow, with little success. Yours are great; clear and quite beautiful with those photos.

You can tell how little clue I had by the way I startled my husband by yelling out "Oh! I need a tapestry needle too". (Well, I have to start somewhere.)

Its probably something best learned while watching someone do it then playing with it yourself, but I have noone to ask. These lovely pictures go a long way way toward that.



Yes, it's much easier to learn from somebody but I'm glad that the photos helped.

Thanks so much for posting such detailed explanations. I've been knitting forever and only now knit socks where I needed this stitch. I searched the web and your instructions and photos were the best I found!
Thanks again. I've linked to your site as one of my faves, from my blog http://underdutchskies.typepad.com/

Megan -

Thank you so much for the quick refresher on the kitchener stitch. I'm heading to the airport soon for a 16 hour flight and planned on knitting at least 1 pair of socks by arrival time. Without your help, I would have been "at loose ends!" (Or maybe wits in my case...) Will have to check your site out for more helpful tips!

this was very helpful thank you ! just commplete my first sock !

I am just starting to knit again. I found some yarn that had a lot of texture and is very light weight....so I am knitting two at the same time. Since the look is so textural, I am knitting on one side and purling on the other....very plain. Now that I am almost finished, I think that the throw needs a decorative edge. Could you suggest something? I though picot, but now, I am thinking something a little more decorative...even crocheted. Hope that you can help me. Marla

just used you kitchener stitch for the first time and loved it.

What sock pattern is this...it is beautiful. Would love to try it!!

Thanks for the easy to understand instructions.

I don't do socks very often so whenever I have to do the Kitchener stitch I have to haul out book -- until today with I found your wonderful, wonderful instructions. Of all the instructions I have ever read for this -- these are the BEST! Thanks so much for posting them.

Hi, I've found your site to be the source of really clear knitting advice, especially the figure-eight cast on. Thanks.

Noticed the socks you'd knit in this blog & thought, Oooooh! So I dug out some denim blue yarn from my stash & tried to copy the pattern from looking at your pictures. They're going well so far. Not an exact copy, but who cares.

This is so useful - mine never looks this neat!

How do you do Kitchener stitch with a pattern that has 2 knits and 2 purls and a slip stitch on each end? I am trying to join to pieces of a scarf that have been knitted separately because of beading at the ends.

I'm on my second pair of socks and this is the first time the directions for the Kitchener stitch made any sense. Thanks. I live in the frozen north where warm socks are a must. d d

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