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so does that mean 2 wheels? welcome to the dark side...

Why do people have more than one wheel? I've run across many spinners that have several wheels. Is it because they usually by an inexpensive starter wheel and then have to buy a better one?

I hope the Schacht will serve me well and that I won't need to buy another one. I think I would have been happy with the Lendrum but I just didn't want to wait. I heard the last order took four months to arrive.

Fortunately I didn't have to put a deposit on the Lendrum since it was already on order when I put my name on the list.

I love my Schact so much !The Rolls Royce of wheels ! I had 2 wheels for a while as I was reluctant to get rid of my first wheel.But I never used it.It's gone to a dear friend in Mass.,from the U.K. !!! I know it's going to be loved and used well.
Your hat is marvellous.I love the shaping on the crown.
One year we went to the Masham sheep fair,in the Dales [think James Herriot]- I had to stop my husband bidding on some Soay sheep which were going for £1 each.

Wow, only £1 a sheep. That's very inexpensive wool. I probably wouldn't pass up a deal like that.

howdy. that hat turned out lovely, nice work. and congrats on the wheel. someday i will own a wheel... :)

Thanks Carolyn. I just checked out your blog. Love the design.

I started out not wanting to get one but I just think it was inevitable.

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