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i just used short rows to bind of the armholes on a sweater i'm knitting. so much neater than the regular jagged bind off, i'm hoping it will be easier to sew up :-)

Great photos!

That's a good idea. I'd be interested in finding out how that works for you.

Krista Jo,
Thanks. Photography is quickly becoming my other hobby. Lately I've been trying to improve my photography skills by reading books on Photoshop and digital cameras.

Right now I'm having trouble taking indoor photos at night. I've been trying to use various lights around the house but think I'll need to invest in some flood lights.

Thank you!!! I was on the verge of tears trying to figure out the right way to hide the wraps on the purl side. This is excellent. Thanks so much.
I've been meaning to say "hi" to you anyway since I'm also in Seattle.


It's always good to hear when a post helps someone else, thanks.

I also had to do a little searching to find how to hide purl side wraps. Many of the reference books seem to gloss over this step.

Do you go to any SnB type meetings in Seattle? I heard that some knitters meet at Third Place Books on Saturday afternoon but haven't had a chance to stop by and see.

Hi, I'm one of the knitters who meets at Third Place Books on Saturday afternoon. Please feel free to come by - we meet up in Lake Forest Park around 1:00-4:00 every week. Sometimes we bring our wheels, too!

THANK YOU!!! I've been on the verge of tears today trying to find an explanation of wrapped stitches with pictures. I understood the theory but couldn't understand how the wrap would look better than a hole. I didn't even know they could be hidden! You are a life saver!

Thank you!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain short row set in sleeves. I had a question (or two).
How do you determine how many stitches to pick up around the armhole?

How do you determine how many stitches to knit the first row?

After the first row you pick up 1 stitch on each side on every row until all stitches have been picked up, right?

Thanks again! -Page

I'm working in entralac for the FIRST time. I'm to the point where I need to "pick up stiches" in purl on the WS and have never picked up stiches before. Can anybody out there help me???? Thank you.

Thanks so much for the pictures! I had read 4 other explainations and still couldn't specifically figure it out. -Kristin

I too was ultra frustrated at my apparent inability to complete the purl pick-up row. I just did it and it looks fabulous. I am working on the shapely tank by whiteliesdesigns.com.

There's also a group of knitters (some ample, some not) that meet every other Wed at the Q-Cafe (www.qcafe.org) west of Queen Anne off of 15th Avenue NW. 6-9 pm. Next meet July 20, special meet 07/13 (tonight).


Thank you so much for such a great, informative post! With pictures! I'm knitting my first sweater, and the instructions said

"K across right shoulder sts, picking up wraps from short rows and knitting together with corresponding sts, continue across back neck and left shoulder sts, turn."

and while I've done short row-heavy patterns before, I'd never encountered the "pick up wraps" instruction before. (I found you via Google.)

Happy knitting!

Oh my goodness! You totally just saved me! Thank you so much for the great post with pictures. I'm working on an Aran Afghan and have never done short rows before. I was totally confused by the directions. Thanks again! I too found you via Google. :)

My question is how do I handle the 1st knit round when knitting the in the round, and after makeing a few short rounds knitting back and forth. I am fine coming across the rows I have wrapped from the knit side - but when I encounter the rows previously wrapped on the purl side (and approaching from the knit side now) the wraps are on the opposite side of the stitch. Help?

I am doing Audrey in Unst and it calls for the short row sleeve cap, but also said do not pick up the wraps. Think the ideas was a design element. I followed the design element, however the knit wraps do not look the same as the purl wraps. So the right front and the left front do not match in look. Suggests

thanks for "hiding wrap" pics and detailed explanation. I just started a pattern where this term was used with no explanation. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

Jen A.
Walker, MI, USA

That's awesome nice. I am doing Audrey in Unst and it calls for the short row sleeve cap, but also said do not pick up the wraps.

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