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Acrylic is no longer "around" my cup of tea either. BdF also makes Berlande (pure wool) but in so little colors, it's easy to miss. Bergereine is fine. Just make sure you don't frog it too much like me!

I think microfiber is another name for nylon?

I did a quick google search and I think microfiber can be made of acrylic, nylon or polyester. I wonder which microfiber Cashmerino contains.

Does anyone know where I can find the berger de france sweater pattern shown in the winter 06 Vogue Knitting with the cables and double zipper? I have gone to the site and cannot get it to open in english. I have viewed many patterns this one is obviously new.help,thank you.

Please help! I am looking for a pattern in the 2007 Berg. Mag. A v-neck, sleeveless while shell with added flowers. The model has a brown Florida hat on that matches her pants. The shell comes to a point on the bottom left side.

Thank you.

Saw a pattern in a knit magazine and I wrote down the number. It was B de F 196.88
I am unable to locate it anywhere.

I also was interested in the pattern 196.88 and went to the Bergeredefrance web page and could not find anywhere to order the pattern. It is in the book Creations 10/11, but could not see how to order that either. I have emailed the company and maybe I will get an answer.

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