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Amazing. I'd never heard of using 1 circ needle, so I'm interested to see how you've done it. Seems like more trouble than using 2 circs, but I can see where knowing how to do this can come in handy. I hope you wrote/emailed to Addi Turbo about getting a softer cable. I just got turned on to them and I'm enjoying them. I guess I don't know what I'm missing with the older/softer cable. Thanks.

I was so happy to stumble upon this magic loop tutorial! The others I've read have left me a bit baffled. I still have one question......how do I do the first join?? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


I use a cross-over join. Here's a website that shows how to do it.


Cast on all the stitches and then pull the needle cable out so that half the stitches are on each needle. Cross the stitches on the tips of the needles using an extra needle.

Good Luck

I just signed up for a sock class using the magic loop method, I bought the addi turbo circ needles and the yarn, wish me luck..my class is thurs 1/5/06.

hugs, Reina Lynn

thanks for the excellent tutorial. it finally makes sense! i used it for finishing the sleeves on a top-down sweater that I didn't have dpns for, so you saved me money as well!

I have a hole or space in the middle of my magic loop knitting. What should I do? The rest is ok and circular.

uhhh... just asking... does someone know how to make circular knitting with 2 common needles?

I'm interested in that technique! Just out of curiosity.


Martin (claspri-spam@yahoo.com)

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